Monday, May 24, 2010

May Update

Operation Thunderstrike was a rousing success. Two companies of airsofters duked it out over control points at Splat Action in Molalla. In the end Alpha company (MARPAT) was victorious.

Many players with Alpha company owed the success to the good organization. Platoons and squads stayed together and reacted well to the chain of command.

"I haven't seen such a well oiled machine on the battlefield in years" - MRowell, Alpha Company C.O.

At OP: Thunderstrike we got to welcome Ric Raddue (Nightshade) back to the active roster from a short hiatus.

In June two members, Matt Rowell and Tyler Lewis, are getting married. Congrats to them.

Saturday June 12th Catch22 is organizing "Pacifica Wars" in Scappoose. It is a milsim game based around parts of the Northwest seceding from the Union.

Recent recruiting activity:
Cody Patterson joins us as a recruit. Cody has been playing airsoft since 2007, and tourney paintball before that.
Mitch David joins us as a recruit. Mitch started airsoft as an Actor in CQC7 (remember the crime boss?). He brings with him years of experience shooting fools.
Zach Dacid joins us as a recruit. Zach is always eager to get into the thick of things and shoot fools.
Tom Bechtol finished his recruiting period and joins as a member. Tom is a 30+ year Navy veteran and brings his experience to the team.
Ray Beran joins as a recruit.

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